Karrie Evenson Art- Painting and Empowering Women

So I have been very inspired by so many of you on my website, facebook, and Youtube fans, about my workshop and lessons. I decided to talk a bit about it, and hope that may be you will get a better understanding of why I do this, and what I hope you get from it. Also this is a great video to introduce to your friends about me and my workshops if you ever know of others interested :)

Thank you all for your awesomeness and your love and support!



  • Sandy Says

    Bad Comments??!!! Bad Comments??!! OMG Karrie…DO NOT, for ONE minute listen to ANY bad comments… You are amazing!! I just finished telling my husband about how you are so unpretentious, genuine, down to earth, crazy in an awesome way…and so so so incredibly talented…you so freely give of your time, energy, passion and talent to people you don;t even know!! My “LIFE” is better because you are in it!! So, send those that don’t get it; light and love and let them go and you keep on doing EXACTLY what you are doing!!!! Ok, now that I have THAT off my chest I can finish watching your video… :)

    • admin Says

      Oh you know, someone or some people who don’t paint at all or even want to try to create, think they have the right to judge…. I say…suck on my paintbrush! Just don’t like the negative energy surrounding comments like that…. they should be loving and respectful of others….And thank you Sandy! I appreciate that!!! MAKES ME SMILE!

  • Phyllis Says

    Well, my dear. THANK YOU. I agree with Sandy, no one should make any bad comments to you, or to anyone else. You are truly talking to souls, you often tell us that we are just perfect the way we are…..we can all grow and you are a WONDER to help us get there. I am a very messy person, hoping I can get LOOSE with painting as well. Thanks for all you do…..

    • admin Says

      Thanks Phyllis! I don’t listen to the negative people, i just wanted to make a point it’s rude, and not needed.
      Thank you for your wonderful message, that means a lot to me! I love messy! Don’t you?!!!!! :)

  • Nancy Simler Says

    Met you in Roger’s. What a wonderful bundle of positive energy. I don’t even paint and I can’t wait to take a class from you.

    • admin Says

      Hi Nancy!!! Yes! Well thank you so much for coming to the event too! I’m excited about the classes! I actually just put in an offer for a studio locally here near downtown Bentonville, 1/2 mile from Crystal Bridges! how awesome will that be!!!! I’m going to offer workshops, painting parties, and also this is where i film my show! Keep fingers and toes crossed for me!!! :)

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