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Want to loosen up? Find your inner creative voice? Feel stuck or lost? Let me help you ignite the artistic spark that we all have inside us….unleash the person you always knew you could be. Self-expression is something we all yearn for as human beings, but what stops us? Fear of being judged? Fear of being wrong? Fear of it not being perfect?

In my art workshops, you can toss all those fears and worries aside, whether you are a beginner painting with acrylic paint or just wanting to try a different approach to painting! I will give you the tools and techniques to be more brave and bold in creating your art, by helping you to step outside your comfort zone and allowing you to express your inner creative self!

We all have creativity inside us, sometimes it just takes a little push and pull to release it…that’s where I come in.

Somehow, at some point in life, we find ourselves restricted from expressing who we truly are, or allowing creativity to flow through us. When we lose that ability to express ourselves, we ultimately lose a part of who we are. The goal of my approach is to teach people how to find their creative self again, not only by learning how to paint, but how to unleash the actual creative process and enjoy our true self without judgment or fear of imperfection, using only the simplicity of just creating.

So join me on the artistic journey and let’s have some CRAZY PAINTIN TIME!





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